Smart Contract Processing

White Paper: wiki @ conetex
Implementation: Project "Justus" @ GitHub

combine description and instruction ...

Forms consist of label and data field. Data is structured by this. The structure is predetermined.

The document can contain instructions for action, rights, duties.

add authentication ...

The signer is commited to the signed matter.

We already know digital signing of pdf-files. See an example

If a document is signed by several signatories, all signatories have agreed on the content of the document. There is consensus.

... get a contract

The combination of the three components code + form + signature is the novelty.

Signing the state of applications executed by a distributed network
Signing the code of distributed applications
Reproduction of application state




See the xml implementation of a contract






this is the manual process developer vrs. operator:


it's ping-pong played with e-mails


so better...
run the contract code implementing this process:







our Smart Contract Toolkit can map a process that (ab)used Outlook for authentication and authorization


agent plugin

lookup into the file system was solved by an specialized assistant.
implies: it is possible plug a software agent in your runtime environment


end-user computing

we did not need our IT-Department to implement the contract


finite-state machine

the application state is shipped participant to participant


exchange of a token (IOU)






think creatively...

see this:



recognize potential:



imagine this:

See Crankshaft on wikipedia




Making contracts means performing processes